Time to Revive – Twin Cities

10 07 2014

My homeland is calling

and I answered

Unknown     Two weeks ago my boss told me to look into something called   Time to Revive.  His friend Kyle Marten has endless videos online of simply going out where the people are and sharing the truth about Jesus. Every time I watch him I get fired up!  When I heard Kyle was headed to my home town with Time to Revive , I jumped at the idea. Not only is my trip graciously covered by a friend, but I get to go share Jesus in the very place I first met Him. Needless to say the decision to go was very easy!

If you want a boost in your boldness check out  Kyle Martin – Man on the Street.

     I have been wondering what to do with my second week of vacation, given the fact I have NEVER had two weeks of paid vacation in my life!!! The wondering ended abruptly and a ticket was granted to MN! I am now 1 of the 10,000 laborers going to the Twin Cities! As the research of the trip continued, I discovered my family circles the area our group will be meeting each day.  Therefore I get to stay with one of my cousins for a whole week 🙂 We are already planning fun things to do together.

Here is what each day is going to look like…

    DAILY S00-mnwelcomeCHEDULE:

       7:00 am – Prayer

       8:00 am – Breakfast

       9:30 am – Share the Gospel

       11:30 am – Teams Return from sharing

       12:00 pm – Lunch/Debrief

       2:30 pm – Share the Gospel

       5:00 pm – Teams Return from sharing

       5:30 pm – Dinner

       7:00 pm – Evening Worship

Ways to Participate from home:

Prayer Needs:

I'm ready for my next adventure!

I’m ready for my next adventure!

  • Safe and easy travels
  • Continued healing and strength for my tired body
  • Protection
  • Wisdom & discernment
  • Extreme boldness
  • People to engage
  • That I will get to see most if not all of my family
  • That people will come to know Jesus!!!

Donations will provide:

     There is no cost associated with participation in reviveTWIN CITIES. Time to Revive responds to the Lord in faith, knowing He will provide the resources for TTR to make reviveTWIN CITIES a reality.  My costs are covered!!!!!! but if you would like to help Time to Revive this is what your donation will provide:

Gospel Wristbands
Gospel Cards
Discipleship Material
Follow-Up Materials
Daily Meals
Transportation Needs
Audio/Video Needs

How to Donate:

Donate Online: www.timetorevive.com/donate
Mail a check: PO Box 835943 Richardson, TX 75083


I am sooo excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to share stories when I get back! Please be praying for me and the people of the Twin Cities!


Michelle to Rwanda!!!

22 11 2013

Hello Friends,

     It has been a while since I have updated you all on what’s going on in the life of Christine.  Actually, the most exciting thing happening in my life right now is all about my sister.  She is running hard after the Lord and is headed on her first ever mission trip!!  She leaves for Rwanda Today!  Please keep her in your prayers for safe travels, her time in Africa and for the return.

A letter from my Sis…

A few months back I had been praying if I should be a part of this trip and the very next day my pastor started a series on Matthew 28.The entire sermon focused on two words, Therefore go. 

Matthew 28:18-20 (NIV)

18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

The trip is through Africa New Life and most of the time will be spent with children in the local villages and I can’t think of a more wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving.  It would be an honor for you to join my team in either Prayer Support or Financial Support.


Prayer Calendar for the trip

(but feel free to pray for anything on your heart)

Friday, 11/22: Depart for Africa, pray for safe travels and team building during the flight as most of our team does not know each other yet. There is a very cool multi-generational dynamic for this trip and I am excited to get to know everyone.

Saturday, 11/23: We arrive in time for a late dinner.  Pray for God to be glorified in all that we do this week both with the locals and those on our team.

Sunday, 11/24: Pray for transition to Africa. Jet lag, rest, safety, logistics. Also we start off attending church in Bugesera which will be a wonderful way to start this experience! We will then visit a memorial so please, please, please be praying for this as I cannot comprehend what this will be like.

Monday, 11/25: Pray for quick rapport with our translators and effective communication.

Tuesday, 11/26: Ask God to be at work during home visits to sponsored children and in the staff devotionals at the dream center.

Wednesday, 11/27: Pray for our team to hear God’s voice and be obedient with what we hear.

Thursday, 11/28: Pray for our visit to a Christian camp – that kids would be encouraged and forever changed by the Gospel.

Friday, 11/29: Pray for an amazing day of recreation (and good weather). I have dreamed of seeing gorillas in their natural habitat since I was 17 and I finally get to fulfill that dream today!

Saturday, 11/30: Pray for our participation in Umuganda (a national monthly cleaning day) and then lunch with Esther home women.

Sunday, 12/1: Pray for perseverance for our team to finish strong and great team unity. Also, pray for God to be at work as we attend the New Life Bible Church at the Dream Center.

Monday, 12/2: Pray for the transition back to the States and for a quick recovery from jet lag. Also, non trip related please pray for my job search that I will begin when I return.

Tuesday, 12/3: Arrive in Austin.

     In preparation for this journey I feel so blessed by the immediate responses and outpouring of love! I was so humbled that tears are flowing as I write this. As you know I take pride in being strong and independent so it has been almost impossible for me to be vulnerable by asking for help.  I guess you could say God is already busy at work with me before I have even boarded the plane! My sister and close friends have explained how important it is to feel I have a team back at home supporting me while I am in Africa, and I already feel what they mean.

     The trip is 12 days from Nov 22 – Dec 3 and the total cost, which includes airfare, housing, food and other expenses, is just under $4,000. If you feel called to help financially, it would be a great blessing.

Two Ways to Donate: 

1) You can make a tax deductible donation online at www.africanewlife.org, click on ‘Donate’.

  •  Donate the desired amount to the ‘General’ fund.
  • You will receive an email receipt for the donation.
  • You should then reply to the email receipt (which should reply to donna@africanewlife.org), stating what individual the donation is for (e.g., ‘This donation is for Michelle Westling’s mission trip.’).

2) You can make a donation of any amount directly to Michelle via cash or check (made out to Michelle Westling).

Any amount is appreciated and no amount is too small, I assure you. If you are not in a place to give, please do not feel any pressure to do so. I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  I cannot wait to live out these verses and share with you when I return!

Thank you and God Bless,


Praise the Lord for He is good! his LOVE ENDURES forever!!!!

Thank you all who have been praying for my sister.  Please continue to pray for her as she steps out in obedience and faith.


Happy Father’s Day 2013!

11 06 2013

This year I am celebrating Father’s Day in a new way by heading to Royal Family Kids Camp!  I have such an amazing Dad who has always been there for me.  He has played so many rolls in my life from coach, to math teacher, to woodworker, to cooking instructor, to shop teacher and so much more!  Papa you have taught me so much and poured unmeasurable love into me that its now possible for me to pour myself out to the kids at camp.


Royal Family Kids Camp was founded for kids in the foster care system.  Kids who have not known a family like mine.  I am taking my stored up love to show these kids the love, the lasting love of Jesus.  For an entire week I get to do what I am best at…being a kid!  Bring on the kids and bring on the fun!  It is going to be an amazingly fun week but i’m sure it will have its moments of tough reality.  Please keep me and the rest of the camp in your prayers the week of the 16th.

During the week of camp Please pray for:

  • Energy and wisdom for the counselors and staff
  • Safety for everyone
  • For the campers to feel and know the love of God
  • No personality conflicts
  • Joy and fun to be had!!


Happy Father’s Day Papa!!!

“It’s Good to be your daughter!”


Oklahoma – Time to reach out to our neighbors!

24 05 2013

Hey Folks!

It has been far too long since I have shared anything with you. I have returned to ask for your prayers. Today I am headed with my friend John to Oklahoma. His aunt and uncle along with his grandmother live about 10 miles from Moore. Both his aunt and uncle work at Summit Church in OK and we are headed to help in any way possible.

Things to pray for:

  • The people of OK to know and feel God’s peace.
  • God’s Love would be seen and felt.
  • Through this tragedy that hope will remain.
  • there will be no shortage in water or food.
  • Safety, energy, wisdom, abundant love & emotional strength for all locals and volunteers.
  • safe travels for all volunteers.
  • Oklahoma will see and know that God is real and God is Love.

Please pray for me as I go to be a tool for the Lord. That my time will be well spent and helpful to those in OK. Thank you for teaming with me in prayer as I GO.

Feel free to write your prayers in the comments and I will share them with John and his family.

Oh and I have lost control of my Yahoo account so if you want to write me leave a message here or on FB.

Off to let Jesus shine through me…



Half Dome at last!!

1 03 2012

It is finally going to happen!

After years of talking about climbing this great rock in Yosemite, reading about others climbing this rock, dreaming about climbing this rock…I am finally setting a date and making a team!

My ticket has been purchased (for super cheap I might add!) and come June i’m headed west. Isn’t there a song about going West young man? Does it still apply if you are a WOman? Maybe the singer slurred his speech and he was really trying to say woman. That’s what I am going to think anyway 🙂

My plane arrives in Cali the last day of May, luckily not the first of May cause you know i would be in the airport yelling MAY DAY, MAY DAY! Security might not be too happy with me if this were to happen so the end of May it is. I know my limits.

Speaking of limits…have you seen the size of Half Dome? I really enjoy that God put a little extra crazy in when He designed me 🙂 This will be the longest climb I have ever done and I have a feeling it is going to stir something in me to desire the need for a portaledge on my next big climb aka finding a climb to sleep on next! Either that or I will never want to climb again. That would, well, it would suck. So in order to be ready and not hate climbing  once this endevore is conquered…


Here in the part of TX where I live it is hard to find many big walls to practice multi pitch, so I am starting with building my endurance. Austin basically breaths building endurance so I’m definitely in the right place for now.

The rock gyms in the past have not been my favorite thing.  Ok so i kinda hated them, with their overpriced fees and their stinking air and questioned their very existence.   It took some time to break the stigma but I’m learning even gyms have a place in training.  As I pulled and pushed my way up the plastic wall the other night I adorned a small pack and climbed up and climbed down, up and down, up and down. The training has commenced! After doing about maybe 12 climbs i was a bit what one might called tired. People kept asking me how much my pack weighed and i just shrugged and said ahh not much. When I got home I weighed my pack and to my surprise it was just over 15 lbs! Now to gradually increase the weight and the number of climbs.

Half Dome I may not be completely ready when I get to you but I am going to work on getting as close to ready as I can!!!

Oh and for the first time ever i set a new personal high of  three pull ups in a row on my hang board! I have finally moved on from saying “Ooonne, we’re gooing foor Oone”. Big wall I’m on my way!

Taco Tuesday one year later…

2 08 2011

  Aug  2, 2010

Machines! I'm not sure I was hooked up to enough.

One year later and I still eat just as many tacos as I did before my crash, if not more.  A year ago today my Papa had to feed me broth while visiting the ICU.  It is only fitting that he and I go to Taco Tuesday tonight!

crazy hole in my lung!

I tried to make the best of the breathing excersises but the faces didn't lessen the pain.

Three days in the ICU connected to many many machines! Luckily I had my trusty bear by my side and friends and family pouring in my room to check on me.  All I remember of the ICU is saying “oouuuch” like E.T. every time a nurse or doctor came in my room.  They really gave me no choice, after all they are the ones who put the red glowing thing on my finger.  It’s like they were begging for E.T. impressions.  I also remember the amazing massage boots they had on my legs but soon discovered why most people hate them when all the beeps of ICU were gone.  Loudest boots I have ever worn!  Apparently I yelled at the nurses for taking out my catheter and asked for it back.  You try getting out of bed to pee with all the ribs on your left side cracked…not an easy task!  One of those broken ribs jumped over and punctured my left lung.  Can you see the hole?  The x-ray is flipped so the hole is on the right side.  They gave me a “fun toy” to play with to bring my rib back.  The goal was to see how much air I could suck out of the little devise which i’m pretty sure they discovered in a torture chamber somewhere.  I’m not sure what was more painful, the forced breathing to bring back my lung or the staple in my head! A chest tube was put into my collapsed lung to also help bring it back so it once again could bring air in and out.

August 2010 chest tube scar

August 2011 You can hardly see the scar

Two of my amazing new friends who convinced the doc to allow them to remove that darn staple.

The scar on my side has healed up nicely and no longer looks like the cat butt one of my friends affectionately dubbed the mark.  The day my doc came in to take the tube out I looked at him and aggressively said “are you the one who put the staple in my head?”  He said so matter-of-factly “Yes, I did that.” My only response was “WHY!”  He said something about needing to close up the gash quickly so they could asses the rest of me.  I mumbled something about that sounding fair than abruptly asked “CAN YOU TAKE IT OUT NOW?”

To be continued….

A Peaceful day by the lake

11 05 2011

While visiting Tyler in North Carolina this April a quaint dock owned by the club where he works gently called my name.  The day was my own as Tyler was off at work ,so I followed the unrelenting tug of the dock.  Out the door and a quick left found me on a road canopied with trees.  Oh how I love a road nuzzled into trees! The golf course proudly displayed itself around each bend as if to remind the patrons of its greatness.  Past a few beautiful mansions including one with waterfalls coming out of the walls and some equally inviting little shacks.  Everything along the path whispered “look over here”.  The Y in the road brought confusion at first but the proper path was quickly found.  Passing a few more distinct houses brought confirmation the dock would soon be near.  There it was the little wooden gate marked NO TRESPASSING, MEMBERS ONLY.  I had made it!  An excitement filled every part of me as I opened the gate and walked past the forbidding sign.  The narrow winding path was tucked in and hidden from the world as to create the feeling of an oasis as you walk over the trickling stream.  I find myself sitting on a tranquil private dock with no one around.  It is peaceful and surrounded by beauty.  The sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds as the birds sing back and forth to each other.  There is a light breeze which passes by every now and than if just to check in and say hello.  The fish are not the hunted as of yet but are themselves the hunters as they randomly surface in the gentle flowing water.  It could not be a more peaceful day.  There are landscapers somewhere off in the distance manicuring lawns bringing remembrance of other life.  The spiders webs sway in the breeze.  A car or two pass by on a distant road to or from a job reminding me of the blessing to sit on a dock soaking in God’s beautiful gift of creation.  The feel of the warm damp wood of the dock beneath my cold bare feet.  The sun about to burn my back as the wind comes just in time to bring relief.  The sun returns to warm me once again.  The taste of the creamy, cool, tangy yogurt on my tongue.  Jumping orange fish thrusting their entire bodies out of the water.  Returning with a splash and the sound of a child pulling his finger out along the inside of his mouth (pop!).  Returning him once again to his common place of dwelling beneath the surface of the water.  A giant black ant exploring my belongings canters away with the shoeing of my finger.  The reflection of the water dances perfectly synchronized along the side of a nearby boat enclosure.  The wind brings a creek as it passes threw the stacked canoes.  The sound of the seldom cars driving by harmonizes with the lul of the weed whacker somewhere off beyond the lake.  Phantom kayakers make their way down the lake laughing and smiling as they live out an adventure.  The sky rumbles in the distance foretelling of the coming storm.  The white clouds drift openly in the pail blue sky.  No shapes can be detected in the thin blankets of white puff.  The trees offer an endless variety of green hues.  Little paths seemingly leading to nowhere add to the lackadaisical feel of the day.  planes fly overhead unseen which I can only assume resemble the Red Barron.  If one came into sight I’m sure a red scarf could be seen swaying in the wind around the cockpit.  The fish play high jump as the little white pedals fall from the trees decorating the water below.  The birds converse as of to tell of the beautiful day.  Peace is found and clarity begins its restoration.  The day is a success and I head back to the house thankful that I have a God who loves me so much!